A couple visited the shelter to adopt a kitten, but she protested abandoning her soul mate


Louie and Luna showed up at STAR Rescue in Gainesville, FL, and were entirely lonesome.

But after running into each other, they remained best pals and promised not to part ways. They do almost everything together and adore snuggling and mostly kissing.

„Louie is an orange dark-striped cat, and Luna is a brown and orange Maine Coon.

When we fostered them, they were pretty much attached. They adored each other even more than we did“.

James with his girlfriend went to the shelter to foster a dog but instead returned home with two kitties in his hands.

„We considered getting a dog, but we live in a flat, and both have full-time jobs, so we are often out, and dogs require a fair amount of attention.“

„So we decided that getting a cat would be the best option because I’ve always had cats and know how to manage everything with them.“

They were back at the shelter 2 weeks later when James‘ fiancée fell madly in love with the two kittens, namely Luna.

They went there to get the cat, but she wouldn’t let go of her friend.

They just wanted to foster a cat, they picked Luna, but they couldn’t back Louie out, which had become irrevocably tied to Luna.

So they took the two friends home for cuddles and decided that Louie would remain with Luna until he found a home so he wouldn’t be lonely in the shelter.

But it didn’t take so long, and Louie was eventually fostered.

„We couldn’t let Louie go seeing how cozy they were together. They like taking care of each other and snuggling together. They team up on everything.“

James adds that his kitties are extremely happy to find a permanent home together.

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