A man rescues a bald eagle caught in traffic jam


Dandon Miller’s preferred piece of fabric is indeed a red-black flannel. He’s had it for years and uses it constantly, but he never expected it to be used to rescue life.

Miller was heading home from Philadelphia when he got into a terrible traffic. Miller drove over to the side of thebipartite drive and was startled to find out what was triggering the jam.

„I gazed at people and wondered what everyone was waiting for,“ Miller told The Dodo, „and there it is, in the middle of the road, a fascinating bald eagel“

Miller, a lover and a friend of animals, determined to do a favor to the harmed bird so that she could flee danger.

Her sturdy claws drove Miller to take off his treasured flannel and wrap her up. To Miller’s delight, the eagle remained restrained while he rolled her up in the fabric.

„She was remarkably serene when I lift her up,“ Miller noted. „She grew frightened when people began shooting, but we managed to smooth her over.”

After getting the eagle off the road, Miller called 911 and lastly got in touch with a provincial wild bird rescue agency.

Miller kept the 15-pound bird for nearly 45 minutes while awaiting for rescue services to arrive. Nonetheless, time seemed to bleed away like a shot.

„I wasn’t precisely thinking about it while I was carrying her,“ Miller stated. „All I was trying to do was keep her placid and convince her that she was secure and that I wasn’t going to ditch her.“

„It was marvelous having that chick in my hand and watching her be so tranquil,“ Miller added. „It’s super awesome.“

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