This adorable Wiener-Dog begs the woman not to split her up with her soulmate


Dayana Davila was craving puppies and went to a nearby store to see if any cuties were available, claims iadoremydogendlessly.

One of the first pups caught Dayana’s eye. It was the loveliest tiny Dachshund.

She requested to see the dog so she could cuddle her and choose whether or not she desired to pick her up and get home happily and make her a family member.

Sadly, Dayana’s decision was thwarted by one factor.

A precious puppy in another cage spotted her attempting to take his best mate out of the pen and make her way out of the store.

The wee’s heart shattered into pieces as he pawed behind the glass as if to scream, «Please don’t leave me without the sun of my life, my soulmate!”

Dayana posted the video of her heartwrenching meeting on her TikTok profile, where it has been seen by over 15 million people. Millions of her fans joined in, voicing their outrage at the sight of the dog yearning for his buddy.

They were also curious if Dayana got both puppies before leaving.

She updated her TikTok video, saying, «You guys are worried if I got two pups or just got one.» Since I couldn’t handle it to get both of them, I didn’t buy either.»

She stated that she had desired a pup for an extended period and that maybe she would go to a shelter to adopt a puppy or put enough money aside to go back to the store and purchase the two tiny Dachshunds.

Dayana updated her fans a few months after her video won the internet, saying she had adopted a new canine to the family, but it was not the one from the store.

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