«I won’t leave you alone»: when the owner became sick, the cat checked up on her to eat properly


If Alice has not been in the kitchen and the cat has got hungry, he will attempt to take his owner there right away.

The kitten firstly stood at the entrance and started to whine furiously. When Alice spotted her puppy, he proudly headed to the kitchen.

— What am I going to eat by myself? Come on, come with me, or you’ll be absolutely famished! You’ll starve to death, and then who will provide me with food? — like the cat was actually speaking.

Generally, such efforts were effective. Alice put her own concerns aside and joined the cat.

When she got sick, the regular set of events was altered. She’s been sleeping all day. This was the cat’s favored way of life.

Nevertheless, as usual at midday, he «took» the owner to the kitchen. She assumed that the creature was short of food or water.

Alice went back to bed once she finished filling the dishes. After a brief pause in the kitchen, the cat pursued the girl once more.

The cat got up on his back legs, placed his front paws on the bed, and scented the girl thoroughly.

— What’s in your mind? Will I eat by myself? What about you? – the cat was perplexed.

— Eat alone today, — Alice whispered faintly, snuggling herself even more firmly in the duvet before falling asleep.

After a few hours, the girl walked to the kitchen to get water and take some medicine. The cat jumped up and went after the owner. His food and water were both untouched.

«Nothing, he’ll become hungry, he’ll eat without me,» Alice became furious. However, by nightfall, the situation had not changed.

«What exactly am I doing?» Okay, I don’t want food, but the cat is undoubtedly hungry and is waiting for me,» the girl reasoned.

When the cat noticed the girl nibbling at the chicken soup with a spoon without hunger, he soon joined the table, and it was plain and simple that he was extremely hungry.

Alice and her cat went to bed after dinner.

— Nothing, we’ll remedy you! — the cat murmured, laying down sideways and meowing. — Don’t panic, I’m not going anywhere!

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