The dog gave his life to rescue this 8-month-old sweetheart from the flames


The dog with the name Nero passed away heroically after protecting the 8-month-old baby from the flames.

Jen, an infant girl lives in Cleveland with her family. That nightfall, the woman went out for a few seconds to get her stuff to the car. As she ran back, she realized her house caught on fire.

„I heard my kid wailing, but I couldn’t get any nearer to her,“ the lady claims. „I couldn’t do anything to protect my sweet baby.“ Neighbors smashed windows and doors, but no one could reach Jen.“

The mother injured her hands brutally whilst attempting to penetrate inside the house to get the child. She was covered with horrific burns.

Neither mother nor the neighbors managed to enter the house. Only when the firemen got there they managed to fight against the fire and enter the apartment.

When the rescuers accessed the nursery, they discovered that the infant was still alive. And if it wasn’t for the dog, the circumstances might have been drastically worse.

That adorable creature wrapped itself around the infant and stayed with her till the last breath he could take. The dog had the opportunity of fleeing the burning house, but he opted to stay with the baby.

Jen won the fight against that fire monster. Nevertheless, only 10% of burns on the body were discovered by doctors. Admittedly, Nero had protected her body from the fire.

The devotion and loyalty of the dog, as per rescuers, safeguarded the infant like a real angel. Jen was rushed to the hospital, but she is in no danger.

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