Despite being buried alive, this cutie survived and made a fresh start


A strong and hearty German Shepherd doggie after getting a fatal injection and being buried asleep succeeded to escape his tomb and seek aid.

Kira, a seven-year-old puppy, was shot with a lethal poison in her paw by heartless owners.

Despite the reality that this miserable creature was still alive, they just dumped her into a grave alongside the road.

Nevertheless, the doggie soon made it to the ground and was able to walk to the next main road.

Olga, a 39-year-old driver, spotted the dog nearby. She couldn’t pass it up as being a huge animal lover herself.

Olga gave Kira something to eat and transported her to the zoo rehab clinic, which is 150 kilometers from where she discovered the canine.

Volunteers were able to track down the dog’s owners and contact them via social media. Kira’s former owners believed their pet was sick and opted to put her to death, as per animal rights campaigners.

They did this by dosing the animal with a medicine that would kill her. Kira’s vet, on the other side, found no significant diseases in her.

The owners were most likely trying to purge this poor creature with this horrible means.

Nevertheless, advocates claim that the fearless Kira has got a new roof and a wonderful family who will properly care for her.

The dog is healthier than before thanks to its good survival sense and lack of concern for the driver. „Kira was ready to create a new sweet life thanks to Olga,“ the director of the “ Good City,“ remarked.

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