Fortunately, one of the oil rig employees saved this sweetie that had slipped in the sea and swam about 137 miles


When someone works in an oil rig on the sea, he is likely to encounter a dolphin or whale, but not a homeless pup.

One of the workers, Vitisak Payalaw, was the one who spotted the canine.

After he noticed the street dog, he did his best to save the dog. It was as though the dog’s eyes said, „Help me, I’m begging you.“

After a few failed attempts they managed to act swiftly and save the wretched doggie in need of care.

The saving process was extremely difficult, and they had to take a certain rope. The dog was frightened and frozen from the cold. He was exhausted and emotionally drained.

The staff gave the dog something to eat and drink and even cleaned him. They gave this adorable doggie a name, Boonrod.

Owing to his destiny, he could survive, that’s what the name meant.

The dog was rushed to the veterinarian after a while. There, he was fully recovered. He was also brought back to the sea so that the hero could hold the dog.

Paylaw was on service for ten days, and the dog was sent to a shelter.

Paylaw fostered the dog after a while. This cutie was notably for him. Fortunately, he is saved and given a new roof above his head.

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