The cat rescued his owner from dying in a fire by scratching him till he woke up


Pets are increasingly showing their love and loyalty to their human families.

Many heroic dog stories have been shared, and some people believe that kittens cannot be the heroines of similar stories since cats are regarded as independent animals that may be arrogant and cold sometimes.

Nevertheless, in Rosario, a man was saved from death in a fire by his sweet kitten. Loli proved that even in the middle of a fire, cats can come to rescue their beloved.

She scratched at her human father, who was sound asleep and had no slightest idea what was happening in the house because he was on sleeping pills.

When Eduardo Tambasia awakened, he was surrounded by thick, suffocating smoke. This man’s cat rescued him from death in a fire.

Edward explained: „He clawed me and snatched me into his arms.“ Fire and black smoke could be seen.

The only thing left for me to do was smash the glass that faced the street and reach out for help from the neighbors, who ultimately came to my aid. She would not have woken me up otherwise, if not to save my life».

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