After spending her early years being brutally chained up this doggie can finally be a pet


Violet was discovered in December 2016 on a seemingly deserted farm.

A lady passing by noted her and a number of other canines locked up with extremely thick metal chains that were not only preventing them from moving but also torturing them.

Violet was around 2 years old when she was discovered, and Angela, founder, and CEO of NMDOG believes she may have been tied up her whole life.

Violet and the other five were discovered on a farm in New Mexico, where it is unlawful to keep pets chained without human guidance.

They requested that the security agency go to the estate and look for the owner, but it appeared that the doggie had been dumped.

The organization rescued them all, including Violet, and thus the path to rehabilitation started.

„She was extremely terrified, and she still is a little hesitant,“ Stell added.

They feel She may need to be abused as a result of her behavior.

Nevertheless, the canine is now healthy and healing from the mental trauma she endured, and after her rehab is done, the lovable dog will be adaptable!

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