A Japanese girl gave her sick and grouchy grandpa a kittie, and he changed his whole life


Kinako the kittie is the brave kitty that saved a frail elderly man called Jiji from a life of grouchiness.

As per Jiji’s granddaughter, Akiko, it’s been a long period of time since his grandpa smiled.

He was diagnosed with a disease in 2009, and his zest for life has been dwindling since then.

It’s a positive idea for Jiji that it didn’t have to end that way, since once Akiko gave his grandfather a cat, the cheerful man in him began to flourish again.

Jiji’s feeling of duty was aroused by the delight of having Kinako as a buddy, and thus a cat became the star of Jiji’s narrative.

Scroll down to discover the remainder of their narrative as seen via Akiko’s camera, and visit her site for more.

He had been employed for 64 years before being diagnosed with a disease in 2009.

These events influenced his outlook on life and transformed him into a grouchy elderly guy.

He had no idea that a kittie would permanently transform his sour outlook on life.

When she initially brought the cat home, he was a little hesitant, but he slowly warmed up to him.

Since then, he has been his friend, who has discovered a new meaning in life.

Whether or not Grandfather is reading the newspaper… Or even when he’s just lying down… Kinako, like a spirit guide, is constantly present.

They also spend time playing with one another. And perhaps spend some time together in silence. To maintain a good relationship, they also make time for one another.

Cats are a gift and treasure in our lives that we should care for and keep close to our souls.

Our lives are brighter and sweeter when there are pets around.

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