After 200 days, the pup can’t believe his daddy has eventually found him


Blue, a pit bull mix, has been lost over months from his loveful home.

His dad searched all around for him, but he had to fly to Texas, fearing he would never see his cherished buddy anymore until one of his friends discovered an ad for a refuge.

The Washington County, TN Animal Shelter in the U.s received a call in April.

A street pup had allegedly come to a man’s house and wanted shelter; no one had a clue how long he had been wandering around, but the pup looked to be extremely nice to strangers.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the shelter was forced to close its doors to the people and only welcome guests by arrangement.

He was compelled to remain in the place for months before being discovered as a result of this scenario.

What a godsend for his dad, who never lost the chance of bringing him back and was ultimately reconnected with his faithful buddy.

The sanctuary made a video of him and shared it on Fb to present him to potential adopters; one of the responses said, „that’s my dog“.

So the only thing left to do was check out if what he said was true and he is the owner of this cutie.

Tammy went on, „When we contacted the father for the first time, he said, ‚Yes, I have photographs of my pup.‘

He sent us images of him at home, enjoying the same ball that was his chew hobby. He was crazy ».

The joyful man drove over 1,200 miles to see his beloved; they hadn’t seen one another in a lot longer, and the reconciliation couldn’t have been more heartfelt.

The woman elaborates: „It was evident that the pup and that man had developed a bond.“

He was taken aback for a while and questioned aloud, ‚Am I hearing things?‘ There were just kisses, kisses back then.

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