A dumped pup was discovered alone at an airport with a note from his owner stating that she had to do it, there was no other way


Chewy is a three-month-old Chihuahua that was discovered by an airport security worker at Las Vegas‘ McCarran International Airport.

He was left in one of the airport’s toilets. His mom was reportedly escaping a violent relationship.

Unfortunately, his mother was unable to carry him on her trip, so she chose to leave him with a message, praying that a kindhearted somebody would discover him.

„Hello!“ said the message. My name is Chewy! My owner was in an unhealthy relationship and couldn’t afford to pay for my plane ticket.

She didn’t want to dump me with all of her soul, but she doesn’t have any other choice.

My ex-boyfriend hit my doggie during a quarrel, and he now has a large bump on his head.

He most likely needs the services of a veterinarian. He is my absolute favorite. Please adore and cherish him.“

He required emergency medical treatment due to a head injury. To assist him, airline personnel contacted a shelter, a foster-based local non-profit organization.

Thankfully, he was taken in by the group and brought to an animal hospital facility.

The refuge or CMDR welcomes geriatric and special needs canines and cares for them while seeking forever housing for the canines.

He eventually recovered completely, and his tale affected so many people’s hearts that it didn’t take long for the sanctuary to locate him a permanent home.

Today, Gilliam worries how many other animal parents and their dogs are abuse victims and imprisoned in terrible marriages.

Today, in order to assist individuals in violent relationships, she tells his story to demonstrate that sufferers may find refuge at CMDR.

Share this incredible story with your loved ones to raise awareness.

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