Bear spotted resting ‚like a human‘ on a sofa someone left


When Mandy went bear-spotting at a dump site in Northern Manitoba, she noticed something that made her grab her camera.

A bear was simply relaxing on an abandoned couch, like a person! While bears are a pretty typical appearance at the landfill, one behaving like a weary father on a Sunday evening is not.

The animal was lying down in a rather human manner, with one knee carelessly folded over the other and one arm lying on the armrest.

Stantic told CBC that there was even a broken television in front of him. He was definitely preparing for a TV show marathon!

What a sweetheart! He was getting comfy in his seat. He had a tough day we can assume. A real father who got home after a long day!

All he needed was a remote control or a glass of red wine in the other arm.

She believes he was unwinding after a large lunch, and we can all agree with that.

„After getting his fill, the creature must have been in the urge to rest and got up on the sofa to get comfy,“ she informed Mashable.

He is merely hilarious. Dude, we’ve seen it all. Nothing beats settling into the couch after a satisfying lunch.

Maybe we’re not as unlike them as we assume. Share this incredibly positive story with your friends and family, with your loved ones to lighten their day and fill it with love and light. Let’s show some love to this baby!

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