A depressed and terrified Pit Bull who has been trapped in a small cage for two years now has a malformed body


This is the story of Landis, a pit bull who spent two years of his life inside a cage because his prior owner would not let him outside says thepetneeds.

His physique warped and shrunk as the kennel got too tiny for him throughout these 2 years since he wasn’t able to develop properly.

Luckily, he was sent to a vet clinic in Georgia by a sanctuary in the hopes that they might heal his foot problems and bent torso.

Fortunately, the sanctuary provided this poor creature with the excellent care he required.

And, although being in a sanctuary, he was in a true heaven. The sanctuary immediately contacted Second Chance Rescue for more assistance, and they immediately opted to take him to New York City.

To assist straighten up his physique, he had hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and hospital attention.

This poor baby while having had a difficult upbringing was nevertheless charming and enjoyed receiving attention from everyone he encountered.

Fortunately, he was fostered by a loving family on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and he can currently spend his time outdoors on the beach straightening his feet with the sand.

He didn’t get a nice start in life and a miracle happened. He didn’t lose hope.

He found people who will only show him love and shower him with good and positive vibes. No one will hurt him anymore! Never again!

Please share this incredible story with your relatives and friends, with your loved ones to lighten their day and show that kindness does exist.

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