Dumped bunny discovered inside a box while holding his precious teddy bear


Nigel, a small rabbit, is seeking consolation from his very own teddy.

His family dumped this poor baby, leaving him trapped in a cardboard box outside in the cold.

With the exception of his dearest companion, a torn teddy bear, he is all alone and has nowhere to go and find love.

This sweet little bunny was discovered on the side of the roadway after someone observed a moving container.

Inside the container, a caring savior saw him clutching his stuffed toy and immediately contacted the RSPCA.

He is currently residing at a boarding kennel while looking for a permanent home.

As soon as he got to the institution, he was examined by a veterinarian, who thankfully informed everyone that Nigel is healthy despite everything that those cruel people did to him.

Nevertheless, he is still traumatized by his tragedy and seeks solace from his teddy as he adapts to his new temporary place.

After everything he’s gone through, it’s nice to have something to clutch to that makes him feel protected.

Nigel is quite close to his bear and always brings it with him.

The toy most likely reminds him of his previous home, before he was dumped.

His best companion, this stuffed animal, makes him feel protected and comfortable.

This sweet angel and his feline companion will soon be given a loveful home.

He will finally find a place where they will show him only love.

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