After retirement, the heroic K9 dog spent his last years in perfect peace and happiness


He was living his dream life. Regardless of all the difficulties he had gone through in the past, he fought until the end to find his place in this worlds.

It was time for the brave dog to retire, but his last days were the happiest of his life.

He spent every day surrounded by his beloved people who did everything to ensure his complete happiness and peace.

They pampered him in every way and supported him in every matter. What else did he need to be happy?

Champ was just a puppy when he was brought to NUC Animal Shelter.

It was then that the dog was trained for police investigation, and then he grew up to become a K9 dog specialized for drug detection, where he excelled at his job, serving for over 7 years. After which it was time to retire.

So Helms, one of the deputies, decided to adopt him, and it was the highest reward he could ever imagine.

The Champ enjoyed his last years years in perfect peace and happiness. He was so grateful to his wonderful family who did anything to make him the happiest.

Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye to him…

„We are forever grateful for your service. Rest in peace, Champ. We will always miss you.“

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