After retiring the amazing K9 dog passes away in his lօving hօuse surrounded with his beloved people


When the police dogs retire it seems that their life should end, but actually they start living a whole new period of happiness. So Champ the black dog now lives his dream life.

After having a tough start of life, he stayed positive and started helping others out, then he became a very hard-working K9 puppy. And now his last days on earth are surely worth it.

Now he spends all his time surrounded with people who supported and loved him the most always. Champ had a long way ahead before becoming a cop dog.

He was placed into some special places just to be trained and become a K9. He then grew to become a Narcotics Detection K9 dog. He served for seven years and received a great amount of honors for his job.

On the day of his retirement Champ was so happy as everyone whom he loved was around and all of them were carrying endless love for him.

But he didn’t leave the sheriff’s office instead he was to stay there as the forever cherished one. Champ was so grateful for everything he had.

However with time Champ was growing grey hair so the staff knew that it was the time. They knew for sure that it was going to be really hard saying goodbye. He was wrapped in an American flag on the day of goodbye.

Champ will never be forgotten all of us are so grateful to have him and all his service that he did for us all. He did his best to make the world a better place and a warmer corner. He made lives better and brighter.

We all hope that Champ will rest in peace. He was the best canine. Love you Champ, we will miss you forever.

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