Augie celebrated his 20th birthday becoming the oldest golden retriever in the whole world


Hurrah, Augie, you’re already 20 years old.Congratulations, honey.

This sweet doggie has become the oldest golden in the world. It must be very exciting for him. This sweet boy lives with his beloved parents, Steve and Jennifer.

He was only 14 years old when he came to live with them, which we can say is to about 78 years in humans. He lived in Nevada before moving here.

It is known that dogs of this breed live on average 10-12 years and often happens that they get cancer. So when the dog came into their home at an already old age, the couple were worried that the dog would not live long, but his activity and strong health proved otherwise.

Though now the boy has mild kidney failure of the second stage, but since they started treatment on time, thanks to this, the condition of the miracle dog is stable and does not deteriorate.

Of course, he is already a little slow,but he feels great and still likes to participate in various activities and play games. These include especially jumping in puddles and watching TVwith his family.

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