Adoption of the pooch without all four paws in a Korean meat market


The 2-year-old doggie was abused relentlessly to make her meat more soften while being hung upside down in a pitch-black room.

Her feet were tied together so firmly that the infection spread and the flesh began to rot.

The doggie was abandoned to die in a trash bag in a South Korean dog meat butchering area because it was useless as meat, according to pintiks.

She was fortunately located in time. Her eyes still glowed with optimism despite the fact that she had to have all of her paws amputated to just save her life.

“ She made it through surgery and began attempting to walk the next day.

Shannon, president of Animal Rescuing, Media & Ed, described her as „grinning and flapping her tail.“

Chi Chi, which indicates „enjoying“ in Korean, was given to the puppy.

After spending 2 months in a vet hospital in Seoul, the Golden Retriever mix was transmitted to her permanent home in Phoenix, Arizona, where Richard, Elizabeth, and Megan were eager to shower her with the adoration she so richly deserved.

She will even be fitted with prosthetics! When she is completely healed, The fam intends to train the adorable pooch as a therapy dog to soothe kids and veterans who have suffered injuries.

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