The wife didn’t want her husband to help her mom with money, so what the husband did is just great


I am thirty-five years old. I work in the state service, I receive an average salary according to the standards of our city.My me and my mother lived together, and I gave her part of the income.

My mother receives a small pension, a little more than the minimum. I gave my mother part of my money and spent the rest as I pleased.

I went to the gym, bought gifts for girls, and bought delicious food for the house. I got married six months ago.

We didn’t have a wedding; instead, we just checked in and moved to my wife’s house, which her ex-husband left her after her divorce. She has a 7 year old boy. We all three live together.

My wife earns a little more than me. There is a strict savings regime in our home. My mother was in a lot of financial trouble when I moved in with my wife’s family.

She lives in a three-room apartment and spends half her pension on utilities. You only have a few cents left. How would you survive for a month with that amount of money?

Knowing this, I started paying for her utilities on a monthly basis. After that, conflicts with my wife began. She did not agree with my intention to help my mother.

My mother-in-law found out and told me that now my family is just my wife and my son, I should just spend money on them. She offered to hire my mother as a cleaner.

I have now started working elsewhere to solve my financial problems. Sometimes I regret getting married. My single life was calmer and more comfortable. I don’t know what to do now.

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