A woman brought home a stray dog that ran away every night, one day she followed him and saw the impossible


Most of us can tell we wouldn’t be where we are today if someone didn’t help us along the way. When we achieve some success, it becomes our duty to help those who later helped us.

Dogs understand this lesson as well as humans! In the slums of Brazil, history shows us how caring a dog can be.

Living in the slums of Brazil is not easy because they are dangerous. But that didn’t stop a woman from taking a dog with her from there.

She lived in a poor village and absolutely could not help all animals.

Even in poverty, this kind woman knew that even though she couldn’t help all the homeless animals, she could help at least one.

She took the dog and took her home and didn’t expect what would happen next. It was always uncomfortable for a dog to stay in someone’s house after so many years on the street.

And then she built a kennel near her house. While the dog was getting used to his new personal life, she was still allowed to walk. She came and went often during the day.

One day, the woman woke up in the middle of the night and she realized that the dog was gone. When she woke up

the next night and the dog was gone, she wondered where she was! She decided that she would follow her dog the next night to see where she was going.

Following her dog, she did not expect to see this … The dog immediately approached the woman, wagging its tail!

After the dog approached, the woman put the bag down and let the dog eat the food she had brought!

All this time, the dog was getting food from someone else. But that wasn’t all! The woman tied up the rest of the food and put it on the floor. The dog caught it and ran away.

She followed him a second time and finally the dog arrived at the abandoned site with a bag in his mouth. She sat down and waited for someone. More homeless animals soon appeared. All this time, the dog has been feeding his former family!

They lived off the food the dog brought home every night! He was so grateful to them!

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