For over 25 years, a Japanese swimmer has been visiting his closest mate fish


While we’re used to seeing individuals connecting with puppies, kitties, or domesticated animals, this unusual friendship between a swimmer and a fish has everyone perplexed.

And, as if that wasn’t strange enough, these 2 distinct pals have been sharing this unique bond for over 25 years, publishes daily-cuteness.

It all began several more years ago when Japanese swimmer Hiroyuki was assigned to oversee the construction of a ‚torii‘ – a Shinto religious sanctuary.

But this was no ordinary torii, which remains beneath the waters of Tateyama Bay in Japan.

He had to dive commonly to verify the platform’s situation because of its spiritual significance.

And because he did this for so long, the guy got to know the sea organisms that formerly lived there.

Specifically, a wrasse fish called Yoriko, with whom he has a fantastic bond.

Even if it sounds weird, they get along fantastically well and can’t wait to see one another again.

And, as unreal as a relationship between a human and a fish may seem so, scientific knowledge appears to have a clarification for it. It has been discovered that fish can recognize human faces.

„Researchers showed them two pictures of human face images and educated them to select one by spewing their jets at that photo,“ said Dr. Cait Newport of Oxford University.

„The researcher opted to make things more challenging. They took the photos, converted them to black and white, and straightened out the head shapes.

That would seem to hurl the fish for a cycle. However, they were able to identify the familiar sight with 86% exactness.“

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