Juniper is a rescued fox who believes she is an orange pup


Juniper, the incredibly sweet fox, is shaking the internet due to his loveful and exceptional appearance.

She enjoys playing like a doggie and always has a grin on her face.

The red goddess enjoys playing with her other siblings and trying to pose for her Instagram profile, which has 3 million followers.

«Foxes have a very elevated prey push, which means they will try to pursue based on their inclinations.»

«Her preferred is having somebody start pursuing her thru the apartment, then turning and running away from her so she can pursue them.»

«When she was younger, I used to take her everywhere with me.»

She became very accustomed to car trips and people, and she enjoys both.»

Her mother also wanted to emphasize that having a pet fox does not equate to having a pup or kittie:

«Foxes stink.» Terrible. Their urine and feces smell strongly of skunk and ammonia.

A household one can’t be ‘de-scented.’ There are so many troubles.

You can’t have them inside all the time…

Them as pets are deleterious; they will decimate your stuff.»

«Raw meat and bone material have to be in their diet.»

They need taurine or they will become blind, have seizures, and possibly die…»

Watch the funny video of her falling over below.

Her beloved mother says in the funny clip:

«She and all foxes swoop down in this way when they listen to a clawing noise that appears to them as a mouse under the snow or floor.»

Check out more of this orange beauty and her siblings on her Insta! Share this story with friends and family.

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