Duck runs the marathon in running shoes and wins a medal and a t-shirt as well


Wrinkle, a gorgeous white American Pekin bird, recently became an internet sensation.

She participated in a marathon with a large group of people on Long Island, NY. The clip was posted to a social media site.

A few children and grownups were seen circled at the marathon’s start in the video that was posted publicly.

Even so, the defenseless bird was so tiny that she was invisible. Instead, she was surrounded by individuals.

She was discovered running with her female friend, who maintained the bird hydrated while she ran.

Her person continued to provide her with water to drink. She ran nonstop for a looong time.

Eventually, others began to assist her and take pictures of her. It was unusual to see a duck competing in a marathon alongside humans.

The incredibly cute and lively creature was wearing red shoes, which assisted her in covering such a long distance.

The owner made it especially for her and was so thoughtful to get her these shoes to protect her tiny feet.

Wrinkle waddled her way to the big fame, eager to the finish line.

The adorable creature then began to flap her feathers in delight as she took the marathon herself.

Finally, the duck was so exhausted that she drank some water and rested for a while.

Wrinkle was given a medal by the planners, which she proudly displayed. She finally won herself a black t-shirt.

Many people contacted the exhausted creature for photos.

The adorable creature happily posed for photos with her audience and had a busy day.

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