A man believed he discovered a dying puppy buried alive in the earth, but it was not a pup at all


When Skegness Nature Reserve received a distress signal, they found themselves in a tough position.

According to ilovemydogsomuch, the call taker was Ian. He had been birdwatching at Frampton Marshes RSPB when he noticed something unexpected thru a telescope.

He discovered a massive herd of over 30 cows stuck by a sleeping pooch. The critter lay buried in the marshy earth, and the cows observed in horror, unsure how to assist the suffering baby.

Given the short time frame and perilous situation, reserve personnel gave him some instructions on how to encircle the herd and extract the baby. When he got a better look, he discovered it wasn’t a doggie, but a seal!

The very next time was tense, but the 67-year-old animal rights activist heeded the owner’s guidance and successfully transported the traumatized pooch to security!

Celebration, the cub, was managed to bring to the backup clinic in a state of water loss and tiredness.

He was only 5 days old and was thought to be put up for adoption. Celebration, the vet presumed, had gotten into the swamp after being swept out to sea by the storm.

The seal was hydrated over the next few days until his situation stabilized.

Celebration is still too young to hunt for food in the water, so she must not be freed.

Another pressing issue is her breathing, which is being treated with antibiotics.

He has made good friends with the other creatures at the refuge. It will only be a question of time before she fully recovers!

The clip above shows how they found the nearly dead seal and came to his aid.

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