During a live TV interview, a reporter tries to maintain her cool while her 2 kitties fight behind her


Kitties never cease to amuse us. They’re adorable, daring, and playful, and they assumedly have no idea what is and isn’t relevant.

As endearing as kitty antics are, they aren’t always simple to cope with.

Just ask Doris, a journalist from the Philippines who had to attempt to remain expert during a live Television interview while her 2 cats fought vigorously behind her (you can find the clip at the end of the story).

She has had to do more of her reportage from home, and as anyone with animals knows, finding a comfortable and peaceful work area at home isn’t always easy.

She tries to maintain her nice in a now-viral clip while her kitties battle in the backstory.

She does an excellent job of proceeding the interview, but she can’t help but return a few glances to the commotion.

Overall, the woman handled the interview and the literal catfight like a champ.

And she’s not too bothered by her mischievous felines. In reality, she appears to be enjoying the situation’s hilarity and has had a few great laughs about it herself.

After all, it’s all portion of being a pet owner! Check it out for yourself!

And we can all reckon that it is extremely amusing. Share this amusing story with your friends and family.

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