Puppy senses that his owner will leave him in the shelter and begs him not to abandon him


It is devastating to continue seeing how many families impulsively get excited about a puppy, decide to adopt it, and in less than anyone imagines they end up returning it to the shelter, or abandoning it on the street.

They do so when they realize that having a pet implies a great long-term commitment, which requires dedication, patience, and of course, restructuring their routine to be able to include the new member of the family.

Some people get carried away by the emotion of the moment, ignoring that it is a being that needs education, and a lot of time, just as a child does.

They are not informed that each race has different temperaments and ways of draining energy.

That yes, all need the presence of a responsible person to be able to grow in a healthy and healthy environment .

A heartbroken puppy begged his owner not to leave him at the shelter

When reality exceeds the expectations of some new adopters, they end up harming the puppies, who innocently do not understand why from one moment to another they stop being at home to spend their days locked in a kennel.

This was what happened to Toto, a puppy that moved the networks by begging his owner not to abandon him .

Toto sensed his end and begged his owner not to do it.

Toto is only three years old, he is white with some brown spots on his head. He is physically fine, at least he was before his heart broke after being abandoned by his owner.

The puppy’s attitude was one of confusion and supplication, he seemed not to understand why they would leave him in the shelter if at first glance the puppy overflows with tenderness.

The pup’s pleas did not cause any emotion in its owner.

His former owner decided to leave him at Animal Control in Carso, California , although there is no reason why someone would decide to abandon a puppy, this man’s reason is not solid.

When his former owner approached animal control to hand over his pet, he was carrying a bag of dog food. Someone captured the moving scene, the puppies do not speak but Toto’s message was clear:

“Please don’t abandon me.”

The owner’s justification for abandoning Toto is that he was “too noisy”

The puppy stood on two legs on his owner’s lap with pleading eyes to attract attention, but his pleas were ignored.

His former owner was determined to leave him in the shelter. Saving Carson Shelter Dog is an organization that saves the lives of animals destined for sacrifice , when they heard about Toto they did not hesitate to give him all of his support:

“It was very difficult to see Toto, because it was as if he knew exactly what was happening, after the camera was turned off he continued trying to climb on his dad’s leg begging him not to do it.”

The shelter staff were moved by Toto’s story, they were determined to find him a new home; this time, with people who accept his barking and his tender way of conquering new spaces.

Through the networks they reported that the puppy was up for adoption and just wanted to be loved.

“My old family who owned me for over a year had to quit because they thought I was too noisy. But they said I spent most of my time at home. I seem to be good with little kids,” the shelter wrote.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for this sweet little dog to win the hearts of a new family. Today, this adorable little ball of fur enjoys a new home where he can make all the noise he wants and run freely throughout the house .

Her story reminds us that adopting is a great commitment of love and responsibility. Please do not take this lightly and be aware that you are saying yes to a puppy who expects to be loved for the rest of his life.

Making the world aware of the commitment of having a pet and understanding that they deserve to be loved above all things is everyone’s task.

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