Precious baby fox saved and reconnected with its mother after being found alone ‚crying‘


This is the adorable occasion a baby fox was discovered „crying for his mom“ in the backyard of a local householder. The poor creature was so sad and frightened.

It was quickly reconnected with its mom thanks to the kindness of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia. Good job, kind people!

„A municipal house owner heard a tiny squeal coming from their yard and found this cutie, by myself and weeping for his mom,“ based on the rescue’s social media accounts.

Poor baby merely wanted its mom’s warmth and kisses. „They called us immediately!“

When 2 members showed up, they discovered the creature was „observant“ and „hydrated,“ with a „full stomach.“

They placed the puppy in a box „so he couldn’t move up out and roam off, but the mom could quickly pull him out,“ believing that the baby’s mom was „very probably somewhere near the area.“

Once reliable, the puppy was placed „in a safer location in the yard“ while being watched by its mom.

„The house owner kept an eye on him for the remainder of the day, and we are pleased to announce that the mom had securely obtained her baby by the next morning!“

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