A dog that has spent its life chained can only walk in circles


This story is about a poor dog who has been chained for almost his whole life. The dog was just in time found by a non-profit animal rescue organization called Takis Shelter city police.

The two rescuers of Takis found the dog in the chained old plot. So they took him to the Greek city of Ierapetra, where the organization is based. It was obvious that the dog was so scared because he did not communicate with people.

Unfortunately, because of the chain, there was a mark on his skin.

The dog also had to drink some water and take a medicine bath because he did not swim forever. Rescuers assumed that the dog was left there to watch. This means that he had an owner.

The most important thing was that the dog was taken for treatment because he was in a very bad condition. The malnourished dirty dog was named Frida after „Freedom“.

Unfortunately, the dog, which was completely wary and timid about strange people, completely forgot to walk straight.

He just knew how to jump like a dancer. However, Frieda learned how to communicate and how to walk.

He is now a completely different dog who loves other dogs and people. He is now completely healthy.

He is now waiting forever at home. You can find out more by visiting Takis Shelter’s website. What a transformation! Watch the video below.

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