Police found the mother dog trying to free the puppy thrown in the trash


When they arrived, the mother dog desperately wanted to free the puppy from the trash, according to the Tampa Police Department.

A woman called 911 when she thought she heard crying in the trash.

TPD Sgt Simonson, MPO Barrett, Ofc Whitney և Hillsborough Animal Safety Ofc Lewis arrived and found their mother in the trash.

Of Lewis found a small puppy in a plastic bag, a pile of garbage. The puppy’s mother had three puppies under a nearby hut. The Tampa policeman crawled under the hut to rescue the mother և cubs.

„We do not know if he was able to pull the other three out of the can, but he was certainly trying to get the latter out,“ Tampa police spokesman Andrea Diss told Bay9 News.

The police are investigating, looking for the culprits for leaving the dogs, asking for public help.

Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay is offering a reward of up to $ 3,000, while Florida Voices for Animals is offering a reward of up to $ 500 for information leading to the arrest.

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