He seeks refuge for the oldest, most difficult dog that no one wants. This is who they gave it to


I’m sure most people in the shelter want to find the perfect pet, but that was not the case with Melanie Andrews.

The rescuer of this dedicated 72-year-old dog decided to buy the „oldest, most difficult to adopt“ dog instead.

Grandmother had recently lost her husband, her Staffordshire terrier, Lola, who was a great comfort to her.

Melanie explains that she felt a little depressed after that, so the grandchildren came one night and advised her to find someone to be friends with. He could no longer sit alone, feeling alone and sad.

When the shelter staff took him to the kennel to pick up a dog while the other two dogs ignored him, Jake became agitated and began to howl, so Melanie understood this as a sign that she wanted to go, so she decided to pick him up.

The social media page of the City of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter reported that Jake has been there for a long time, is old, has a tumour, and has various skin problems.

However, that was all Melanie asked to save her life, to give her unconditional love, without even thinking about the number of veterinarians she had to pay to care for a 12-year-old dog with a terminal skin tumour. was deaf and partially blind.

However, this dog made his life, Melanie claims that he laughs a little more every day.

He says Jake knows he loves her, he goes to her, rubs her, and asks her to rub his ass. He even noses her.

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