The owner considered him „useless“ and threw him, but then this happened


Diana is an old hunting dog, which was used and thrown away when the hunter did not need anything else, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Life was very difficult for Diana, but fortunately, she finally fell into the right hands. Victor Larkhill and his rescue team took him to a veterinarian for emergency medical care.

He was in bad shape, thin and had severely injured eyes. His eye was protruding from the socket, unfortunately, could not be saved, so he underwent surgery to remove it.

She was given a proper diet to help her gain weight, and her eye was healed after the operation.

When he was ready, he flew to his new eternal home, Germany, where he was greeted with open arms.

Her new family loves her unconditionally, and Diana will spend the rest of her life spoiled playing with her new dog sister.

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