The mother cat and her kittens are absolutely thrilled to be reconciled at the shelter


Toodles, a homeless cat, living in a mobile home park, required aid surviving a fight with a dog. Mindy Brocato, a neighbor and an employee in Animal Care Control, swiftly took her to the shelter.

When Toodles arrived in early April, she was plainly a new mother. After Toodles was in good hands, the search for her babies started.

„Toodles was milking and obviously had lately delivered babies,“ Chris Weinstein, a board member the Animal Care and Control, informed The Dodo.

„Mindy alerted the neighborhood that pups were missing. After finding the kittens behind a mobile home, Mindy took five citizens to the sanctuary.“

When the first cub was tenderly placed on Toodles‘ pillow by a shelter worker, the mother scented the little kitten and meowed blissfully.

The others, who were about two weeks old at that time, snuggled onto their mother and began milking, making little squeaks.

That evening, Toodles with her babies were moved to a foster home for more customized care. Toodles had rescued her kittens, but something appeared to be bothering her.

The sixth one, wailing for her mother, was rescued in the attic of the same mobile home as the others were found a few days ago.

Brocato rushed the kitten, who had been given the name Percy, back to her family.

„The kitty jumped straight in for a meal,“ the narrator states. „The shelter voiced their discontent with the current scenario on Facebook.“

Toodles, so what about you? The foster mother believes she is „far more tranquil now that this sweet baby is back to her.“

Toodles is thrilled to be rejoined with her puppies in a safe home, and she is doing whatever she can to be the perfect mom she can be.

„Toodles, who is about 2 years old, has been ’such a wonderful mum,‘ according to her caregiver,“ Weinstein mentioned. „She’s a fantastic mother, and the kitties are doing great.“

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