Lion King in real life: Lion dad adoringly cuddling with his pup


Father’s Day is on its way, and we are here to warm your hearts with this heartfelt story!

The „Lion King,“ which was first broadcast in 1994, is indisputably one of Disney’s most spectacular productions and has been scored among the best all-time favorite father-son movies.

People worldwide adore the work of art, and today, after more than twenty years, we finally get to marvel at Mufasa and Simba’s endearing bond in person.

After being caught enjoying an affectionate hug in Masai Mara National Reserve, this stunning lion pair has won the entire internet.

The lovely scene was caught on camera by Sabine Bernert, who is a French photographer, and instantly stole the hearts of not just fans but also animal lovers worldwide.

According to the photographer, he was in East Africa to record the animals and get shots for a book designed for children. After all, what he unintentionally noted was well beyond his expectations.

Waking up really early, Bernert promptly ran into the male lion resting on the grassland. His pup emerged not shortly after, attempting to attack his dad stealthily, but his movements were not overlooked.

To Bernert’s amazement, firstly, what the real-life Mufasa did when he saw his Simba was to wrap his arms around him warmly.

Luckily, the photographer was around to record that incredible event and share it with the rest of the globe.

„He pretended he hadn’t spotted the pups till the very last moment.“ „They began to play joyously afterward,“ Bernert noted. „My favorite part is when the father lion lovingly embraces the cub.

The difference between his toughness and tenderness, the enormous bulk of his paw cradling the tiny cutie cub very adoringly.“

„I was astounded by how softly this gigantic lion was having fun with the pups,“ he added.

„They appeared to be having a good time and enjoying life.“ It was a delightful time of glamour with the exquisite sunlight.“

Aren’t these two absolutely sweethearts? Please share this splendid story with your friends and family!

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