This brokenhearted doggie left the house every day to go to the grave of his dead owner


In Turkey, a devoted pet’s loss of its owner—who frequently vanished from the home but was never found—was evidently deeply upsetting, according to zenoonee.

A dog is a man’s closest mate is a common proverb that describes a puppy’s commitment and is maybe the most truthful statement ever made regarding canines.

Once upon a time, the tragic tale of Hachiko’s exceptional dedication to his owner—even after he passed away—surprised everyone.

Evidently, Turkey had also experienced the same scenario! It all began when Ismail Öztürk decided to take up a stray dog.

The pup was devoted to him since he took such proper care of him; he eventually gave the pup the name Zozo.

He, nevertheless, passed away on February 10, 2014. He was grieved by many, including his sweet puppy.

The family soon discovered that the pup frequently left the house and then reappeared soon after the owner’s funeral.

They were never aware of his whereabouts, though. Zafer, his son, visited his dad’s grave one day.

He turned to face his father’s tomb and saw an unexpected creature sleeping on top of it. It turned out to be Zozo!

The family eventually acknowledged that the baby had left their house to visit his cemetery since he was so missing his master.

The canine visited his cemetery every day, despite the fact that he is unable to express how much he missed him.

He has an incredible and sincere devotion to his dad.

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