A policeman saves a pup from drowning and then wants to become his father


Police from Florida’s St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office was leaving a call when they heard something which made them halt: a barely audible cry coming from a septic pipe, reports pintiks.

They came upon a dog on the edge of drowning. He had no family, and one of the cops believed it was fate that they found him and fostered him right away.

What a kind heart he has! The cops had almost left the job they had just finished when they overheard weak bloodcurdling screams from a vacant field.

Many would have simply disregarded them, but not these men.

One of the cops who discovered the small dog battling to keep afloat in a sewage pipe was James.

He was terrified and fatigued, on the verge of giving up when he was saved.

They bathed him numerous times to get him to smell like a doggie again before attempting to locate his folks.

But there didn’t seem to be any, and Gettings assumed their encounter had to be destiny.

They were meant to be together. So he brought him home and appropriately called him Puddle.

He is now growing up extremely securely and lacks for nothing. He has found a roof above his head and a person who will show him only love.

Share this beautiful story with your friends and family to lighten their day and fill it with love and light.

Let’s show some love to this kindhearted man. He deserves it all!

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