The poor dog used to cried non-stop, until he finally met his angel, who became his new mom


A woman was crossing the street when she saw a dog with a very sad look. The baby was near the parking lot and the workers named the sad dog Serena.

It was obvious that he was in extreme despair and the woman did not understand what had brought him to such a dire state. The woman decided to ask the people working nearby about the dog and to find out the reason why he was so upset.

They said that the reason for all this is that the dog feels useless, because everyone passes by him with indifference and no one wants to adopt him.It was so painful. These wonderful animals deserve the best life.

The dog felt very alone and broken because all the other dogs found their families except him. The baby was lying down in despair and had not even eaten anything. The woman was very moved by this.

So, she decided to take the sweet boy home with her. It was so exciting. The dog felt so loved and protected for the first time in his whole life. He had dreamed about that day so long. Never stop dreaming because dreams always come true…

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