The lamb who had been rejected by his own mother got adopted by a dog


Their connection was instant and so special. So wonderful to see how wondeful friends animals become despite their many differences. They always show that love knows no bounds.

The little lamb, whose name is Boo, was born a month late. The thing is, after the birth, his mother did not want to feed him and take care of him.

So Bo’s owner, Olivia, decided she had to do something because the little boy couldn’t survive without proper care.

Olivia also had a dog, Max, who, when he first saw Boo, treated him very differently, as he had never treated anyone else.

The dog seemed to feel what his new friend was going through and constantly approached him and licked him. It was as if he wanted to let the baby know that he would be happy to be his new mother.

The duo was just great. Their connection was deepening day by day and they were inseparable every minute.

Max really took on the role of Boo’s mom and it seems to have cured all the pain that Boo felt before.

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