This man saved 100kg baby elephant by carrying it on his shoulders through forest


People are so different. Some of them can be so kind and helpful that I sometimes hesitate whether they belong to our world or not.

This story is about an overly benevolent man who saved a baby elephant by carrying it out with his hands.

Lots of people were curious on how he could lift someone that was heavier than him. This man Palanichamy that weighs 80kgs, managed to carry a 100 kg elephant on his back.

After doing so he received an endless flow of couraging letters. It was quite heavy. Later on the mom and the baby were reunited. The man is a member of a forest team.

And he told that after the video went viral everybody was praising him. And the greatest question that everybody was asking was how could I lift an elephant.

He said that he could have lost his balance if there wasn’t his friends who helped him to save the animal. He told that one day when he was going back home from a night shift he received a call for rescue.

The caller said that there was an elephant who was blocking the street traffic so he rushed to help and they could remove him from the way and make him go back to the woods. After that they started searching for other elephants.

And after some time of searches when they noticed a little baby they understood that the reason of female’s anguish was the baby. Then they tried to free its way but ut was too frail to move.

At first they decided to carry the elephant all together and then they understood that it would be a great risk so the man decided to do it all by himself.

They dropped it near the water and were hoping that the mother would come after him, but after waiting for several hours they thought that their presence might have interfered her to come.

So they decided to leave. And when they came back the next day, they saw that the baby was gone and also noticed the footmarks of the mother elephant. Hopefully they have reunited.

As elephants are very social animals if these people haven’t helped them the little baby would have died. So lets just express our gratitude towards our friends and saviors who did their best to save the baby.

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