A brave man rescues a little kitten by jumping into a storm drain


To save a street, homeless kittie, a brave man hopped into a sewer and threw himself into a tiny borehole.

All of his bravery was captured on film. A small tabby kittie was concealing in a petrol engine near a parking structure.

When the driver got back into his vehicle, the kittie hopped out and ran for safety.

It dashed towards the storm’s core and became trapped there. Poor baby was terrified.

Avi Kuzi rushed to assist when he listened the kittie was stuck in the sewage system.

«I can always be there for living creatures, no regardless of how difficult the path.» he stated.

He is enthusiastic about animal saving in Israel, and his valiant actions have secured countless animals.

This man deserves every good thing in this world. Only the best.

«It’s not just that I like animals,» he explains. «It’s a lot beyond that.» They are in my blood.

They provide me with lots of love in my skin.» He informs us that the caring kitten is doing well for the time being.

This tale is a message for us all to always be a little like this man and care for our animals.

Share this incredible story with your friends and family to make their day and fill it with love and light.

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