A dying of hunger Siberian Husky who survived by eating rocks and twigs has found a permanent home


They didn’t believe she’d make it, but take a glance at her now! Please welcome Willow.

Two Good Samaritans discovered the Siberian Husky on the highway in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. While other people drove by, Mathieu and Guillaume pulled over to assist her.

They couldn’t tell if she was a coyote, a wolf, or a doggie initially.

«I turned around, and the doggie was just surrendering — moving slowly,» Letourneau said of their survival on January 31, 2015.

«She was just starved to death and needed things pleasant to eat.»

They offered her a Subway sandwich before loading her into their vehicle and taking her to the Maple Ridge Culture for the Prevention of Animal Abuse (BC SPCA).

When the veterinarians analyzed her, they discovered she had been eating stones and mud to continue living!

«When she initially came in, she couldn’t lie down because of belly suffering caused by soil and stones in her intestinal system,» stated, a senior animals rights officer with the BC SPCA.

«There were no food remains in her tummy, so we believe she ate stones to continue living.»

She assumes the doggie only had about 24 hours to live. She is only about 2 years old and weighs only 15 kg!

A Husky of this age should weigh around 24 kilos. She did receive a 1 on the Canine Body Conditioning Scale, which ranges from 1 to 9, with 9 being ideal health and 1 being severely dehydrated.

Researchers managed to track down her previous owner, a college student in his twenties, after making an open attraction.

The BC SPCA has proposed fees in the situation, which is now being reviewed by Crown Council prosecution, who will make a decision whether or not to press charges.

She was placed in the care of a foster home a few weeks after her relief, where she started to gain back her health.

She liked going for walks with her people. Her family also stated that she has begun to react to her title and enjoys car rides.

This poor baby has gained 9.3 kilos in a month and a half and is acquiring knowledge of basic commands.

«She adores the water and it’s difficult to keep her out!» «She enjoys going to the river, where she attempts to take a swim, no regardless of how cold the water is,» the BC SPCA stated.

Her mother has to entice her out of the house with snacks so she doesn’t get too wet and develop a cold!»

Then, on March 16, came the wonderful news that she had been accepted by a caring family.

Despite the fact that Letourneau and many others conveyed a desire to adopt this cutie, the BC SPCA chose to place her with a family who is familiar with the type of dog.

«Because of her history, she has a variety of behaviors that will require ongoing work by someone with breed expertise,» stated Maple SPCA asst area manager Faydra.

«We were lucky to come across a fam with expertise with this type of dog, and they are overjoyed to have this warmhearted cutie as a new furry member of the family.»

Best wishes for the future, sweetheart! Share this incredible story with your friends and family to make their day better and brighter.

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