Woman finds a dying dog on her property


A woman from Bisbee, Arizona, contacted Little Lotus Rescue and Sanctuary after discovering an abandoned dog on her property that appeared to be about to die.

A dog named Bray was lying in a ditch, unable to walk or move, and the woman was not even sure if she could get there.

When rescuers arrived, the temperature was well above 94 degrees Fahrenheit and the dog had been in the water-filled bay all day in the scorching heat.

The dog was found ten feet from the woman’s front door and a few steps from the barn, which certainly could have rid the dog, but the woman chose to leave it outside, without protection from the weather.

If Bray had not been found when she was, she certainly would not have survived, since she was already on the verge of death.

They took Bray to the vet where he was treated for dehydration. She was very fragile and exhausted, and her nails were very long, which indicated that she had been there for some time.

Blood tests showed she had liver and kidney failure and a low red blood cell count.

The veterinarians worked tirelessly to save his life, and over time, Bray became stronger and stronger.

Eventually, her appetite returned and she started eating on her own, which allowed her to gain a lot of weight.

The vets didn’t think Bray would go it alone again, but she continues to ignore the odds. She is now taking steps on her own and enjoying a second chance in life.

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