The mother was sick and the daughter decided to take her home, what her brothers were doing was mind-boggling


My mother was already 70 years old. She lived apart from us in the neighboring town. She was an active and hardworking woman, she didn’t ask for any help from us, she still helped whoever she could.

I visited it almost every month. Over time walking became more and more difficult for my mother, she complained of dizziness, sometimes she fell and she could ask the same thing 100 times.

It is worth noting that we all once lived together, but when my father and grandmother said goodbye to earthly life, we all parted ways. My mother was left to live alone in a two-room apartment.

I immediately called my brothers and when I told them that my mother needed to be moved to the capital urgently, they decided that I should take my mother to my apartment, where I live with my husband for rent, and they would pay the treatment and the rent. of our apartment.

We decided to put my mother’s apartment up for sale. My older brother said he would take care of it. My husband and I worked, and we hired a caregiver.

When the month was up, I called my brothers to remind them of their promise, but my older brother was rude to me and said I was shameless and selfish, that I wanted money to take care of my mother.

Somehow we paid the rent, the caregiver, and we never called her again. That’s why my mother had to be alone for a few hours.

There were times when on the way home from work I found my mother lying on the floor in the bathroom. Her condition was getting worse and I had to quit my job, but we faced a very serious problem.

My husband’s salary was barely enough to pay the rent and food. And I started borrowing money for treatment and medicine. One day, having no choice, I called my younger brother.

He offered to take her to a nursing home. I was in a very difficult situation, I don’t know how, but I accepted. But I felt guilty. I walk on this earth, I am alive, but my mother is in a retirement home.

And days later I went to take my mom home. I’m ready to sleep hungry, but keep my mom by my side. I later found out that my brothers had sold my mother’s apartment and shared the money.

I went to my big brother’s house very angry, he asked for my share of the money, and he strictly again, he said:

You asked for my opinion when you brought it to your house, or you and your husband just decided to get rich at the expense of your mother’s apartment.

I closed the door very angrily on the left and from then on I forgot that I had siblings. Remember my mother was so proud that she had two children.

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