A coffee shop in Greece allows street pups to spend the night there


People frequently dump their animals when they are unable to care for them.

Some are fortunate enough to be handled well, while the majority live their lives deserted.

Street dogs are widespread throughout the world. Stray doggies are undoubtedly an issue in Greece.

Over one million of them are out on the roads looking for food or a place to stay.

Fortunately, some people are making a change in the lives of such living creatures.

Hott Spott is a unique environment for abandoned animals. Lesbos is home to this incredible location.

During the day, it is just another frequent café that serves food. However, at night, it is a location where pooches can sleep inside.

Every night after the bar closes, the animals come there to nap. A waiter who favored to stay anonymous stated that they have no objections to this.

As per him, there were animals on the couch at night starting in July of last year.

That place is not only plagued by stray animals. There is also a refugee crisis.

Eustratios, the photographer of the viral photo, stated that the community has grown more supportive of both humanitarian and environmental issues.

He is pleased with the younger gen’s sensitivity and knowledge. Share this awesome story with your friends and family to make their day and fill it with love and light.

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