As rescue workers get closer, a dying pup wags her tail


This doggie was struggling from canine distemper and was abandoned by the side of the highway in Udaipur, India.

Despite the hopelessness of the circumstance, the pup maintained his trust.

She used her last ounces of power to wiggle her tail at the rescue crews who met her.

She felt they came to help and will never hurt her.

Animal Aid Unlimited, a shelter organization, representatives discovered the doggie.

They took the doggie and handled her with antibiotics and IV fluids for 14 days.

Fortunately, she was able to eat and walk again. She is wagging her tail in delight!

She went through a lot and is still fighting for her life.

She finally met people who will always shower her with love and kindness.

Animal Assistance Unlimited, an animal shelter organization, representatives discovered her and gave her a second chance at life.

They accepted her the way she is and gave her 14 days of treatment.

Fortunately, she was soon able to eat and move again.

She is now wagging her tail in joy! She deserves only good in this life.

Take a look at how she is using her ounces of power to wag her tail at rescue crews.

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