The FDNY rescues a drowning doggie after he was thrown off a bridge into a river


A two-year-old pit bull mix was saved by an FDNY Marine component after he was discovered in the Harlem River in New York, according to

When the Marine 4 unit showed up, they saw a person attempting to maintain the doggie head above water.

The device, led by Lieutenant Salvatore, was aware that the doggie had been flung off a bridge and ended up in the river.

Luckily, some navy seals were able to capture the 62-pound critter and bring him to shore so that he could be treated.

They gave this poor creature a second chance at life. He will always be grateful for them because they showed him what humanity looks like.

If the FDNY device and the resident had not been present at the precise moment, the pet’s destiny would have been distinct.

The ASPCA and the NYPD’s Cruelty To animals Inquiry Squad aren’t looking into how the dog fell off the bridge!

The doggie, named Aquaman, is now available for adoption, and the Animal Daycare where he lives has already earned hundreds of applications.

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