A 10-year-old boy rescues his drowning mom who is having a seizure in the pool


Gavin, a regular 10-year-old kid from Oklahoma, is a champion to his mom.

A home camera system caught him leaping into deeds to rescue his sinking mom, who was having a seizure in the family’s swimming pool.

Lori was rescued this month by her sweet little child.

She stated that they were having a „marvelous morning“ when they made the decision to go for a swim in the pool.

„The boy had just gotten out of it, and I experienced a seizure,“ she explained.

„It frightened me more than anything I’ve ever been frightened of.“

She suffers from epilepsy and is vulnerable to seizure activity. Earlier this month, this brave boy saved his mom.

The boy who was sitting on the veranda did hear splattering and gazed to see his mom „going to sink in the pool.“

He leaped into the water, dragged his mom to the staircase, and kept her head afloat for over a moment before his granddad leaped in to assist.

Stephen, her dad, meets up with both of them after he saved her from a convulsion in their swimming pool in Oklahoma, on August 5, 2022.

„I was a little frightened,“ he admitted. „He’s unquestionably my champion,“ she stated.

„However, I truly believe he is my spiritual guide. My sweet angel.“

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