A disabled and unwanted pup with folded legs left in front of a tire repair shop


Lindomar and Ozimar Queiroz, workers of a wheel repair company in Porto Velho’s North Zone, were surprised when they came into work early in February.

When they arrived at their location, they noticed a doggie on the side of the highway.

The creature was thin and had open hands. They attempted to care for the doggie but were unable to locate its holder.

As a consequence, Galego made the decision to care for him while they could find him a permanent home.

The doggie has still not been adopted after 20 days. The brothers instantly took the doggie to their store and cared for it.

As per them, the pup’s owner purposefully tossed him in front of their business.

The pet’s two front legs were turned back, preventing it from walking correctly.

Seal was given its name from its stance on the deck, which obstructed it from moving.

The technicians would occasionally move him, but he would always finish up in the dirt trying to catch up with a stray kitten.

The owner stated that the puppy requires vet care. Regrettably, he cannot manage it.

The doggie was underweight when he was acquired, but he is now putting on weight.

Lindomar, despite his looks, is unconcerned about his dirty state.

The pet’s neglect sparked outrage on social networks, and he was eventually fostered by a pair from Foca Porto Velho.

Staff from a repair shop who discovered the pit bull on the road cared for him for more than 3 weeks.

They provided him with water and meals. They originally named him «Foca,» but Michele brought him home and renamed him.

I was genuinely affected by his unpleasant circumstance. «I became obsessed with him,» clarified the business student, «and I genuinely love him.»

I can’t express it in words. «From the bottom of my soul, I applaud him.»

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