Photo. Rapunzel’s blond horse really exists, it’s called Storm


What woman or kind soul has never dreamed of being kidnapped by a prince charming?

Maybe that she arrives riding a beautiful white horse and, why not, even a blond one. Perfect isn’t it?

The good news is that such a thing is not impossible, because in fact everything exists, from the horse with the long blond hair, to the prince charming. The problem is finding it. To remedy the problem:

If you are in that research phase and you do not yet have the candidate for prince, at least provide with the horse.

His name is Storm and he is a Haflinger horse.

He has been famous for a few days on the web thanks to a photographer who, seeing him on Instagram, asked his mistress to be able to photograph him and expose him to the world.

The story of Storm is really simple and possible only thanks to the care of their owners who, seen as a child how much he had long blond curls, tried to preserve them by intertwining them and taking care of them during growth.

Now, after 6 years, the result is an envious blonde hair.

Women, if someone has found the prince charming and they miss the blond horse, here it is, now you know which Instagram profile to contact, this one.

Kudos to Priscilla Gijsberts for the photos and Naomi Beckers for the beautiful creature she raised.

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