Rescued kitten with four ears and one eye survives pain and suffering after finding his forever home


Meet Frankie, abbreviated for Frankenkitten. As you may have realized, he is a bit unique. He has 4 ears and one of his eyes was omitted.

On the other hand, he would most likely not comprehend if you informed him he wasn’t typical.

After enduring everything fate could throw at him, the tiny one has adjusted to life in the big globe, and his foster parents are there to assist him when he becomes overloaded.

„He was born under a house in the suburbs to a savage mom,“ Georgi, Frankie’s owner, informed Bored Panda.

„He was discovered with one living sibling, but it’s possible that there were more who died.“

The house owners housed him and his brother for a few weeks in order to interact and help feed them up before bringing them to the sanctuary for medical treatment and rehoming.“

The first thing men notice about him are his 4 ears. „He has a huge overbite, giving his head angular looks.“

He did arrive at the rescue center with two eyes, but one of them had punctured and had to be removed.

The poor baby has joint issues in his hind legs; his knees don’t sit correctly in place, so he walks splay-legged, and his knees frequently slip down in and out of spot.“

„His lower jaw was piercing through the roof of his mouth due to his underbite.“

„He also needs knee surgery to help regulate the joints, but I’m saving up for that because it’s quite pricey,“ Georgi explained.

„He’s also had dental work performed to trim his lower canines to a few millimeters above the gums.“

„The removal of his eye permitted him to live because the disease would have turned into septic and brutally murdered him.“

He is now in good health and living his best possible life!

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